We believe that living as a follower of Jesus means loving God with heart, soul, mind and strength (Matt 22:37). That means we don’t check our brain at the door when we enter the church, but rather engage our faith with discernment and reasoning. At Vineyard we have offered a broad range of classes, including introductions to the Christian faith, and in-depth biblical studies. Wherever you’re at in your faith journey, we offer classes to stimulate your mind and deepen your understanding.

Some of the classes we try to regularly host are our Belong class for newcomers and people considering becoming church members, a prayer class for those who want to learn about different forms of prayer and practice them in a group, a class about the historical Jesus, classes on how to effectively care for those around us, and Bible studies. You can find out more about some of these classes below. Check out our events page to see our current and upcoming classes.




What’s it about?

A six week class for anyone exploring what it means to be a student of Jesus, led by the pastors. Belong also serves as our introduction to Vineyard; it also serves as our membership class. Each week we explore one of four different dimensions of a Jesus-shaped spirituality: active, contemplative, biblical, & communal.

What does the class include?

Session 1: Pursuing the Pilgrim’s Path
Session 2: The Active Dimension
Session 3: The Contemplative Dimension
Session 4: The Biblical Dimension
Session 5: The Communal Dimension
Session 6: Where To Go From Here



PRAY ClassWhat is this class about?

This class focuses on learning about different types of prayer and also will include time to practice them together. The aim is to:

  • Help participants draw closer to God by finding ways of praying/connecting with God that feel natural and enjoyable to them.
  • Familiarize the participants with the range of different prayer habits (or ways of connecting with God) to suit different situations and needs that they will encounter.
  • To develop a toolkit of a variety of different prayer habits (or ways of connecting to God) to suit different situations and needs that they will encounter.
  • To encourage a regular habit of prayer.
  • To develop friendships and spiritual connections between the participants.

Class Format

In the past, this class met for four weeks, and each class session was 2 hours. Each session comprised of:

  • Opening Prayer
  • Reporting (sessions 2-4)
  • First Prayer Practice
  • Break
  • Second Prayer Practice
  • Closing Prayer


Introducing the Historical Jesus is a seven-session class presenting an overview of the central story of the Bible, the person and purpose of Jesus, and God’s plan for the restoration of humanity.This class will read and discuss The Original Jesus by NT Wright. We will explore Jesus, his historical context, the Gospels, and what it means to follow Jesus today. If you’re new to the Christian experience, this will be an invaluable introduction to Jesus and the Gospels.This class is a way to get your bearings as you move forward in exploring your faith and the person of Jesus and his central role in the Gospels.This class will also provide an introduction to reading and understanding the Gospels. If you’re a longtime Christian, we think you’ll find a refreshing and compelling new understanding of the person of Jesus, his historical context, his aims, intentions and ultimately his mission.

The disciplines of prayer and Bible study need to be rooted again and again in Jesus him- self if they are not to become idolatrous or self-serving.”- NT Wright


Care is typically a six-week class which will explore how we can care more effectively for those around us. If you are the kind of person who cares for those around you, and you are looking for more tools, resources, and support, or you are interested in learning and developing skills in listening, empathy, boundaries, and the use of spiritual resources in caring for those around you, this is a wonderful opportunity. Come for teaching, vibrant discussion, and times of prayer and reflection.


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