“Everything Has a Beginning. Every person, every idea, every journey starts somewhere. Vineyard Church began with the desire to invite others into the story of Jesus. We have since grown into a vibrant movement for God’s Kingdom that is making space at the table for anyone seeking to know and grow through Christ. Whatever beginning brought you to Vineyard, we’re grateful you’re here and we can’t wait to continue this journey together.” ~ Pastor Donnell

Join us on Sundays @ 9:30am & 11:15am
location_on 2275 Platt Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

What We Believe

We believe in cultivating a space for people to encounter the living presence of God, and the community to support people along that journey. We want you to discover God yourself as you engage scripture, participate in worship, join life groups, and serve others through ministry opportunities. We don’t want to dictate how you take your next step with Christ, we just want to help get you on the path; which is why we believe it’s important to create opportunities for people to have transformational growth in their everyday lives. As a congregation, we strive to experience belonging, cultivate tangible joy, activate hope, and know comfort as we learn to trust Jesus and to share that peace with others.

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How We Worship

We have two goals when it comes to our weekend celebrations: Make everyone feel welcome and cultivate a connection with Christ. We don’t have a set of overly-defined practices that everyone has to perform or follow in order to fit in. We certainly have recommendations for how you can increase your conscious contact with God, but we realize that while one method might work well for some, it’s not the right approach for others. This causes us to be open so that we can learn from everyone. We also don’t have a hierarchy of sins that allow (or even encourage) us to judge each other. We remind ourselves that only God is able to able to judge our motivations and our heart. All of this creates space for us to belong and opportunities for us to have transformative encounters with the living presence of the loving God.

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Our Staff

Donnell Wyche

Donnell Wyche

Senior Pastor

Samantha “Sam” Tidball

Samantha “Sam” Tidball

Youth Pastor

Jesica Ligi

Jesica Ligi

Office Administrator

Shaun Garth Walker

Shaun Garth Walker

Worship Pastor

Marissa Jadrich Ortiz

Marissa Jadrich Ortiz

Children’s Pastor

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Celebration Times:
Sundays 9:30am & 11:15am

Church Address:
2275 Platt Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 477-9135
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