New to Ann Arbor

You may come to the Ann Arbor area to experience world-class dining, or unique shopping. Perhaps you travel here for an event – a football game, the famous Art Fair or a conference. Maybe you simply stumble upon our city on a whim.

Regardless of why you travel to the Ann Arbor area, you’ll discover something more and you’ll discover something real.

This is where creative ideas come to life through events, shops, business, art and music. This is where champion athletes reach for the stars and groundbreaking chefs work their magic in the kitchen. This is where you can find local produce, live music and luminous art.

Fine dining, unmatched cultural opportunities, and world-class attractions are all staples of this vibrant, cosmopolitan city.

This is where life is different. Start planning your trip now with a free Visitors Guide

Good Eats

  • Seva’s
  • Tomokun
  • Frita Batidos
  • Angelos
  • Pho House
  • Kang’s Korean Restaurant


Family Activities

  • Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
  • Cobblestone park
  • The petting farm at Domino Farms
  • Ann Arbor Library
  • Kayaking down the river


Coffee Shops

  • Mighty Good
  • Songbird Cafe
  • Comet Coffee
  • The Lab


Shopping / Exploring

  • Downtown Ann Arbor
  • Downtown Ypsilanti
  • Briarwood Mall


Nature Lovers

  • The Arb
  • Botanical Garden
  • Gallup Park


Annual Events

  • Top of the park
  • Art Fair


Insider Information  

  • Parking in Ann Arbor
    • Structures are free on sunday
    • Street parking is free after 6 PM
  • Before driving downtown, be sure to check the game day / graduation day schedule. You don’t want to get stuck in the game day / graduation day traffic.
  • Don’t talk about OSU / MSU and make sure to go out and buy a U of M shirt! You will fit right in.


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