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Worship through giving…

God is concerned first and foremost with our hearts. The human heart is the focal point of the kingdom. Whenever Jesus talks about money, his primary interest is not how the stock market is doing or whether we have our personal finances in Quicken. His primary interest is the influence of money in our hearts. He’s concerned about the kind of relationship we have with money. In fact, he moves us to worship with our money.

Worship is the act of giving our whole selves to God, both “in spirit” (in unseen ways, just between us and God) and “in truth” (in actual fact, in deed or action). One cannot occur without the other. When we worship him in spirit, we in our hearts acknowledge his ownership over all that we have. Worshiping God in truth means we actually give to God. This can be very concrete and practical; we are physical beings that need “stuff” to live. So, worshiping in truth means giving God some of our “stuff” (i.e., money).

Throughout the Bible, we see a practice called giving God the first-fruits. In biblical times, when the harvest came in, they reserved the first and best portion for God, and gave it to the temple. The practice is also called tithing (or tenthing, giving of the first tenth). The practice of tithing is throughout the Bible in the Old Testament, and also affirmed by Jesus in the New Testament (Matthew 23:23) If we don’t worship with our money, we’re withholding something of ourselves from God.

Your gift will…

Fund our church’s acts of compassion and justice and help us disciple those who are taking next steps in their relationship with God.

Provide meals to our homeless friends through our regular Friday night dinner at Liberty Plaza (something we’ve been doing for eight years) and through our monthly dinner at the Salvation Army in Ypsilanti.

Facilitate deeper relationships with Jesus and his followers through weekend services, mid-week classes, small groups, children’s and youth ministries, spiritual direction, community events, and more. Funds help cover things like building costs and maintenance, staff support, and curriculum.

Support communities of Jesus followers around the world. We have international partnerships and relationships with believers in India and Turkey. Funds support some of the poorest among them (especially those who face heavy persecution within their community that hinders their ability to work), help with transportation to church services, training for leaders, among other things.

Help us bless those in our community by allowing us to partner with Hope Clinic to provide free medical and dental care, Food Gatherers to help fight hunger, Habitat for Humanity to address the issues of affordable housing, and the Religious Action for Affordable Housing (RAAH) to advocate for those exiting the criminal justice system. Recently, the Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor forgave $2.9 million dollars in past due medical debt for our neighbors in Washtenaw County and seven other counties in Southeastern Michigan by partnering with RIP Medical Debt.


Q: What are my online giving options?
A: You can give once or, optionally, setup a recurring giving schedule. You can also add notes if you would like your gift to be used for a specific purpose. For convenience sake this online giving option is charged to your credit/debit card, but of course we urge donors not to incur debt in order to participate in giving. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or we can withdraw directly from your savings/checking account.

Q: Will my data be secure?
A: Yes. All of your data, including your bank or credit card information, is safely submitted to our gift recording company for processing. Information you submit is used for the Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor purposes only.

Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions?
A: You can contact the church office directly at 734-477-9135, Monday through Friday, 9:30am – 3:30pm to talk to a human.

Q: How can I get a statement of my contributions?
A: A giving statement will be emailed to you by January 31 each year for the previous year’s giving. If you give through our recurring giving system, you can print off a statement at any time. You can also contact the church office and request a statement of giving.

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