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Ken Wilson, Senior Pastor

Ken Wilson, was born and raised in Detroit. Ken is the widowed father of five. Ken received a B.S.N. from the University of Michigan. Before entering the pastorate, he worked in community mental health. Ken is the author of Jesus Brand Spirituality; co-author with Rich Nathan of Empowered EvangelicalsMystically Wired: Exploring New Realms in Prayer; and most recently A Letter To My Congregation. Ken and Nancy hosted the early versions of what became Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor in their home back in 1975. You can reach Ken via email or by phone at 734 477-9135 x413. Read My theological Influences.

Donnell Wyche, Associate Pastor

Donnell Wyche serves full-time as Associate Pastor. He grew up in Washington, DC and received his B.A. in computer science from The College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio. Donnell is the Great Lakes Regional leader for both the Vineyard USA Youth & Ethnic Diversity Task Forces. Before joining the Vineyard staff full-time, Donnell worked for IBM in Southfield, Michigan as an eBusiness Solutions Manager. Donnell is also the lead developer of a new church management software tool, Community Center for Churches. Donnell is married to Maria, father to Mikaela & Sebastian and currently lives in Ann Arbor. From time to time, Donnell writes for the Vineyard USA Youth magazine, Redpoint. Donnell also leads a weekly Community Life group on Wednesday nights at the church. You can reach Donnell via email or by phone at (734) 477-9135 x115.

Emily Swan, Staff Pastor

Emily Swan serves as a part-time staff pastor overseeing newcomers and classes. She received her B.A. in history from Butler University in Indianapolis, where she also minored in music, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at Fuller Theological Seminary. Additionally, Emily spent three years studying Mandarin and Amdo Tibetan languages at Qinghai Minzu Dazue Nationalities University in Xining, China. After graduating from Butler in 2000, Emily worked for two Fortune 500 companies in public relations, marketing, and finance. And just prior to coming on staff at the Vineyard, Emily served as our International Pastor for four years, living and working in Asia. For fun, she enjoys mountain biking, playing the piano, reading, and making pizza with friends. You can reach Emily via email or at (734) 477-9135 x113.

Shaun Garth Walker, Worship Director

Shaun Garth Walker

Shaun Garth Walker serves as the church’s Worship Director, helping to get as many people worshiping Jesus as much as possible as often as possible. He lives near Depot Town in Ypsilanti with his fabulous wife Mary, along with their two children, Ethan and Sadie. Shaun graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a journalism degree, but can be found working most nights of the week at various local bars playing rock music (yup, in various local bars playing rock music). He is also an avid supporter of God’s team, Manchester United. You can reach Shaun via email or phone 734 477-9135 x118.

Diane Sonda , Childrens' Ministry Director

Diane Sonda

Diane Sonda is married to Paul and together they have six grown children. Diane has graduated from the University of North Carolina with degrees in Special Education and General Education. She taught school for 25 years at a variety of levels from Pre-School through 8th grade, and has tutored high school math. Diane has been attending the Vineyard since it’s beginning days in Milan. She’s been involved in Prayer Ministry, Stephen Ministry, and recently served as a Youth Intern, working with Donnell. Diane is really enjoying getting to know the teachers and the families that are a part of the Children’s Ministry Program. You can reach Diane via email or phone at 734 477-9135 x117.

Nigel Berry, Youth Ministry Director

Nigel Berry transitioned from our Youth Ministry Intern into his new role as the community's part-time Youth Director in 2009, bringing with him his deep love for God and youth. Nigel is a 2006 graduate of Huntington University with a degree in Youth Ministries and is a 2011 graduate or the Vineyard Leadership Institute. Nigel is married to Tina and has a little girl named Cora.  Nigel is 5'11", bounces when he walks, and is highly skilled at hide-and-go-seek. In his free time he plays x-box and dreams of writing children's books involving flying rhinos; they eat airplanes. You can reach Nigel via email or phone at 734 477-9135 x125.

Penny Johnson, Single Mom's Director

Penny Johnson serves part-time as Single Mom's Director. She lives in Livonia with her husband Matt, two of her three adult children, one mother-in-law and too many pets. She and her husband own and run a manufacturing company. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, entertaining, reading and scrapbooking. You can reach Penny via email.

Brenda MacLeod, Business Assistant

Brenda MacLeod serves part-time as our Business Assistant. Brenda is married and a mother of two amazing children. She has a Marketing & Management Degree. Brenda enjoys reading, movies, daily walking, going "up north" and spending time with her family. You can reach Brenda via email or by phone at 734 477-9135 x116.

Haley Lovelace, Office Administrator

Haley Lovelace is the Ann Arbor Vineyard’s part-time Office Administrator. She has lived in Ann Arbor her whole life. Haley has a degree in business and is currently attending Eastern Michigan University’s College of Business as a marketing student. She is happy when she is outside walking, swimming or biking in the sunshine. If Haley happens to be inside, she is usually hanging out with her pet cat, Vixie. You can reach Haley via email or by phone at (734) 477-9135 x 111.

Shonagh Chimbira, Administrative Assistant

Shonagh Chimbira was born in Scotland and raised in both the UK and Zimbabwe. Shonagh is married to Wilson and has three children. Shonagh has a Masters degree in Crop Protection from the University of Zimbabwe and worked for 5 years in ecotoxicology research in the UK before settling down in the US in 2005. For fun Shonagh enjoys painting (oil on canvas), a wide range of craft activities and also reading especially about the history of southern Africa. You can reach Shonagh via email.

Jamie Bott, Administrative Assistant

Jamie Bott grew up in west Michigan and graduated from Asbury University with a bachelors in English secondary education. Jamie is married to Sam and has three children. After teaching at an international school in Vienna, Austria for three years, she and Sam settled in Ann Arbor and started attending the Vineyard. After volunteering to help Donnell Wyche out with some admin work, she now works part-time as his administrative assistant while tying to manage the chaos of three kids at home. After wiping up sticky floors, folding laundry, and repeating herself 27 times a day, her favorite activities are going on walks, singing in the University of Michigan Choral Union, having coffee with friends, and reading. You can reach Jamie via email.

Shani Seres, Celebration Manager

Shani Seres spends each Sunday going to and fro throughout the church, making sure all the backstage components the day are ready to make each celebration inviting, welcoming, and fully functioning along with some pretty awesome greeters and ushers. She was born in Northern Virginia and grew up between there and Detroit, Michigan. She was a member of the Dayton Vineyard in Dayton, OH before moving back to Michigan and attending and joining membership with this vineyard along with her husband Greg. Shani studied Mathematics at Eastern Michigan University, minoring in Economics. Her favorite color is orange for a very great reason--just ask her. She loves words (definitions--especially learning new ones--not etymologies), calculus, playing the violin, taking long walks (preferably not on a beach, just outdoors), hiking, watching quality movies, reading, being surrounded by books in countless volumes, visiting museums and the downtown areas of cities, swinging on a swing set on a sunny day, history, listening to her husband speak German with others, making others feel welcome and that they belong, and much more. She does not wish to possess a superpower but has always wanted the super skill of knowing every known and unknown language of the world to be able to converse and share with all the people groups of the world and to learn from them.You can reach Shani via email.

Sarah Schutte, Children's Ministry Assistant

Sarah Schutte serves as the Children's Ministry Assistant. She is studying Elementary Education with a double minor in Language Arts and Reading at Eastern Michigan University. She loves arts and crafts, music and especially working with and teaching children.  In her free time she instructs a High School Marching Band's Colorguard. You can reach Sarah at her by email.

Sarah Brinker, Mission Outpost Intern

Sarah Brinker spent several years of studying at Eastern Michigan University and now calls Ypsilanti her home. In the fall of 2013, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Proceeding her graduation, Sarah decided to remain local. She currently, works for a local non-profit as a life coach for developmentally delayed adults and serves as a part time Missions Outpost Intern at the church. During the friendlier months of Michigan Sarah frequents farmers markets and running paths. During the the cooler months she cozies up coffee shops and tries to remind herself that winter doesn’t actually last forever. You may contact Sarah via email.

Julius Buzzard, Mission Outpost Intern

Julius Buzzard began his journey with Ann Arbor Vineyard during May of 2013, after graduating from Spring Arbor University with a Bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry days earlier. After three years with Jackson Nazarene's youth ministry, this journey quickly shifted into a full time role with as a mission outpost intern, with a focus on college and twentysomething ministry. He grew up in the tri-cities and chose to move to Ann Arbor in search of the world through the eyes of something much larger than himself. Julius enjoys camping, backpacking, running, speaking to groups, playing with cats, geocaching, and dancing. In the evenings you can find him striking up conversation with whoever is willing to talk downtown. For more information about Julius or his theological influences, see his blog, From Crags & Clayemail him, or give him a call at (734) 477-9135 x127.

Chelsea Gottman, Mission Outpost Intern

Chelsea Gottman grew up in Ypsilanti and attended the Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor for much of her life. In 2009, three years into her program at EMU, she decided to transfer to Grand Valley State University, allowing her to stretch her metaphorical wings and taste a different part of Michigan. In April of 2011, Chelsea graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies, and in January of 2013, she embarked on the World Race: an eleven month missions & discipleship program to eleven countries. This experience whetted her appetite for travel, but even more it increased her love for God's people around the globe. She returned to the area in December of 2013 and began the Missions Outpost Internship in March of 2014. Chelsea enjoys laughing, singing and playing guitar, curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee, camping, holding sleeping babies, playing Scrabble & other word games, attempting to speak Spanish, and wearing comfy-cute sweaters. She would be delighted if you contacted her via email.

Brandie Ekpiken, Mission Outpost Intern

Brandie Ekpiken is married to Chris Ekpiken and they have two beautiful children; Chris and Sabrina. She is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and is employed at The University of Michigan Medical School. She earned a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration from Eastern Michigan University. Leading worship is one of her absolute favorite things to do second to walking in the sunshine. Brandie love chips and salsa as well as knitting and making jewelry. You can reach Brandie via email.

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