Lent Spiritual Practices

There’s a wide range of traditions and spiritual practices that people try during Lent. You’re invited to try out some of the things below that we have prepared; or you could always try something on your own that you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you towards.


My Bold Request

Identify one thing you’d like to ask God to do for you and then ask daily.

Express Your Doubt

We know that God doesn’t answer every prayer and sometimes we wonder if God is even listening. We invite you to bring these doubts in questions to God.

Identify and Pray for Your Six

We invite you to prayerfully select six people in your world to pray for each day. We suggest people just beyond your primary relationship circle. 

Spend Some Money on Your Six

We invite you to consider some extravagant care for one of your six. This is a great way to bless others.

Experiment with a Daily Devotional

We have a daily devotional available as a PDF here that you can download and print out yourself. You can also check out this daily devotional resource.


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