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Permission to Speak

When a soldier of lower rank in the military needs to speak candidly to a person of higher rank, he or she seeks "permission to speak freely."

In a time of rapid change, the church needs to speak openly and candidly about issues without fear of reprisal or penalty. There are theological issues that need exploring with candor if we're to understand and embody the message of Jesus faithfully in our generation. This page includes articles, op-ed pieces and other materials that seem to fit best under this rubric.

Evangelicals Must Evolve: Why Quashing Science Does Nothing to Advance the Cause of Christ Appeared in the Other Voices column of the "Ann Arbor News", October 8, 2006.

Loving Across The Political Divide A post-election sermon on loving across the political, cultural, and religious divide that winds it's way through our families, our church, our city and our nation. Maybe even through our own hearts.

The Passion: What's The Fuss? A sermon about the Mel Gibson movie probing the questions: Are the gospels anti-Semitic and Why would the Jewish community be so concerned about the film? An honest look at Anti-Semitism and the church.

An Open Letter to Evangelicals Re: The Passion Appeared in the Ann Arbor News Op-Ed page March 9, 2004.

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