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Recommended Practices so that we can grow in faith together:

  • The Big Personal Ask. Ask God to do one important thing for you. Pray for this one thing daily. See what happens.
  • Pray for Your Six. Can you identify six people beyond your family, friends, or church and pray daily for God to bless them in some way.
  • Blow some money, time or hospitality on one of your six sometime during lent.
  • Pray for our City: To honor our recently departed pastor Nancy Wilson, we're going to pray (and see what we can do) to make the Ann Arbor area a great place for single mom families to live. Toward that end, we will pray for several churches (or other faith communities) in town to begin their own Single Moms Ministry.
  • Experiment with a daily touch-point with God using our 40-Day Mark Daily Devotional.

Lenten Resources:


Other Lenten Happenings:

SUNDAY LUNCH ON PALM SUNDAY: After the 11am celebration in the cafe. Interested in meeting others? Join us for some food and drinks which will be provided.

GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE: Friday, March 29 from 12-1pm at the church. Shaun Garth Walker will be leading worship with a string trio and piano accompaniment.

EASTER EGG HUNT AND BREAKFAST BUFFET: Saturday, March 30 from 10-11:30am. For ages 12 and under. A bag of goodies will be provided to all children. Everyone is welcome to this free event.

EASTER SUNDAY BREAKFAST: Sunday, March 31 from 8:30-9:15am. Everyone is welcome to join us for the Easter Sunday breakfast in the cafe. Bacon and waffles (including gluten-free waffles) will be available starting at 8:30am until supplies run out. We will also be serving breakfast burritos, bagels, and fresh fruit. Pastor Donnell will be your host (and cooking the bacon) for this event.

EASTER SUNDAY PORTRAITS: Want to get a portrait of your family in their Easter finest? Betsy Salzman of Ann Arbor's Yes! Photo will be taking free portraits in the church lobby from 8:30-9:15 then again after the 11:00 service. Pictures will then be available for download from Yes! Photo's website.

EASTER CELEBRATION PARKING: If you are a regular attender, please do not park in the church parking lot or United Way parking lot. Please park in the parking lot across the street, the parking lot at Summers-Knoll school, or the lot at the auto repair shop next door.

BAPTISMS: Sunday, March 31 at both services. Baptism is the means by which disciples (followers) of Christ are publicly identified. In the New Testament, it is evident that baptism follows an individual's decision to trust Christ alone for salvation. (Act 2:41, 8:12, and 10:47-48) Sign up for baptisms at the events station or by filling out your information on the back of this insert. There will be a 30 minute baptism meeting scheduled on Sunday, March 17 and Sunday, March 24 after both services for with Emily Swan in the meeting room. If you have signed up to be baptized, please be sure to make it to one of these meetings.

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