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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a one-on-one ministry aimed at helping us to hear God's voice and perceive God's action in our everyday life. We believe that God is present and active in all aspects of our life and is often calling us in particular directions and to particular actions.  Meeting with a spiritual director provides a safe, private, nonjudgmental context where we can investigate and discern these movements of God in our life.  With spiritual direction, you remain in charge of the process; you decide what to talk about and the nature of the personal information shared.

While spiritual directors have received training in various forms of personal prayer and spiritual growth, the primary focus is not to teach prayer methods or to provide answers to specific questions (though this often occurs). The primary focus is your awareness of God's action in your life and your response. This usually leads to a greater appreciation of God's love for us and our desire to love God in return.

As we believe that God desires to be present and active in every area of our life, any aspect of our life is appropriate for discussion with your spiritual director.  This includes many of the issues addressed by counseling or psycho-therapy, such as challenges in relationships, family, jobs,etc.  However, spiritual direction is not an designed to address significant emotional or psychological issues. These are best addressed by certified counselors, clincial psychologists and psychotherapists.

For a pamplet on spiritual direction at the Vineyard, click here.

For more information on spiritual direction through Manresa, Jesuit Retreat House, click here.

Contact Rick Rykowski, Leader of the Spiritual Direction Training Program at 734/474-7016 for further questions or to request the names of some Spiritual Directors.

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